Friday, August 3, 2012

Santa Countdown to Christmas

Just posting something I made last year for my kiddos to use to countdown to Christmas.  I made something similar when I was little, so I thought it would be fun to replicate it.  I used a Santa from SVGCuts' Santa's Visit SVG Kit and made it as large as possible on my cutting mat.  Then I printed out 24 1" circles with numbers on them  (1 - 24) and  punched them out with a circle punch and glued them to Santa's beard. Then each day you have your child glue a cotton ball and countdown!  By the time Christmas is here, Santa has a full beard!


  1. Thanks for letting me link back to your post in my blog! I just realized that I actually found you on Pinterest :)

  2. I want to make this so bad ! I love it

  3. Too cute. I'm making one for my 9 year old.

  4. Thank you I plan on making one for all my younger grandchildren.

  5. Hey Kristin! What did you use to get that red smudgy look around the edges and on the cheeks? Thanks!

    1. You can use either chalk or ink on a makeup sponge or a finger dauber. Chalk is easier and gives a softer, blended look. If you use ink, you have to use a light, gentle touch and start with a light pink and work your way up to the desired color. Hope this helps!