Sunday, November 20, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Wreath

This was so much fun to create, and I can't wait to use it with my family! 
I did something a little different with this Build-a-Project wreath from Creative Kuts. I made it into a Countdown to Christmas wreath with 25 "cones". Every year, our family always does a countdown. I write on little pieces of paper and we do something simple each a game, make special hot cocoa, sing Christmas songs, drive to look at lights, etc. It helps us come together as a family... each night, even if it is super simple. The paper I write on usually goes into another countdown decoration I have, but this year, I willl use this wreath! I think I will just tape the pieces of paper behind each cone and they will take turns pulling one off each day. (or I could make little pockets for the papers...hmmmm...)
The numbers are glitter stickers and and the little snowflakes are foam stickers. I just cut out white circles, stuck on the numbers and then hot glued them to the snowflakes.  There is a ribbon in the back (hot glued) to hang the wreath from. I did some inking to the edges and added a few sparkly gems, and of coures added highlights with the awesome gel pen. Don't forget the buttons and twine!  The words are just printed on cardstock.  I think it turned out pretty cute! 
The wreath svg (just the "cone" part) is from Creative Kuts and was free for those doing the weekly Build-a-Project.  I added 25 cones to adapt to my Countdown to Christmas.  The large snowflake is from SVGCuts from the Snowflakes SVG Mini Pack.  The snowman is from Creative Kuts from the Snowman Gift Card Holder.

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