Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monster Spray!

When my 3 (now teenage) kids were little, they were afraid of monsters, so I put some water in a spray bottle and told them it was monster spray and that I bought it at the Monster Store. It worked and it was nothing fancy, just water in a spray bottle!  Now, my 4 year old has been having monster issues for the past few months now and when I saw Happy Life, Crafty Wife's idea for making her Monster Spray (you can see hers HERE), it brought back lots of memories!!  But oh! Hers was so cute and fancy!!  I just had to make it even if it took me all day.  I was determined to get my son to sleep all night without waking up crying about monsters.  (Poor guy!  Poor me!..lol)  Happy Life, Crafty Wife's is sooooo much cuter, but I wanted to share mine.  I added a drop of clove oil to min to give it a smell, which is what my son thinks keeps them away.  Hey--it worked--and for awhile there wasn't any monsters.  He had a nightly routine and sprays in different areas and was sleeping well.  WAS being the key word.  Just the other day he brought it to me and wanted to throw it away, because he said it didn't work anymore!!  LOL  So, now I am making threats....just kidding....we are now giving special treats in the am if he sleeps in his bed all night.  *sigh*  So, anyway....this is what I came up with using Tamara's idea!

The letters are from SVGCuts called Handwritten Alphabet SVG Collection and were welded in SCAL2 with a shadow added.  The monsters are from Lettering Delights.  I made my rectangle box that holds the spray bottle bigger than what the directions said.  I felt the smaller one didn't hold the bottle very well.  I added a circle to the top to make it even more sturdier since it gets pulled in and out alot.

Forgive the pictures....I took these in a hurry after I had already given this to my son and it had drips on it and trying to get good pics....I just gave up!  So here it is!

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