Sunday, June 10, 2012

Top 12 Reasons Why....

This is a cute project I made to give to my Mom and Dad and I loved how it turned out. (I'm actually giving it to my Dad for Father's day!) 

I made this design to fit inside a 9" x 20" shadow box showcasing the Top 12 Reasons they love being Grandparents (hence, they have 12 grandchildren....and no!, they are NOT all mine...LOL.)  The files used are all from Little Scraps of Heaven; Grandma & Grandpa 2, Polaroid Frame, Rose and Butterfly Silhouette.  The lettering was made in my cutting program and the number "12" is just stickers from the paper pack I used.  

In the original files, Grandma is holding a cane, but my mom is not that old and doesn't use, so I switched it out with some pretty roses. My little boy said to me, "why does THAT Grandpa have hair on his head?....Grandpa doesn't have any hair!"   Kids say the funniest things....

To finish it off, I used some washi tape and cut little strips to hold the "polaroid" pictures up...I think it looks pretty cute!

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  1. Holy coww, Kristin! Thus is great! I love it so much