Thursday, July 5, 2012

Picnic Basket Notecard/Gift Set

I loved this Picnic Basket and Sandwich set that My Scrap Chick came out with and I knew I wanted to make it right away!  THEN she came out with the adorable Slice of Summer Box and Card set, so I decided to combine the 2 and make a cute notecard/gift set.  Of course, the sandwich needed something with it, and the cute Strawberry Patch boxes were perfect!  You can add little candies or Hersey kisses inside them.  All of these files were so easy to make and put together.  

The little buttons on each card are just bottlecap images I found on etsy, downloaded & printed and added bubblecaps on top.  Easy!

I added a tag from Tags For 2 and stamped a sentiment on it.

Everything fits perfectly inside the basket and would make an adorable gift for anyone!  Candy, notecards with envelopes and a little giftcard or something inside the sandwich cute....all wrapped in one.

I added a bunch of pics, but wanted to be able to show everything and how cute it all is.  Hope you like it!