Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wedding Gazebo ~ Western Themed

I was asked to make a Gazebo for someone who is getting married and having a western themed wedding in one.  

I found the perfect file to make one from A Little Hut.  It came together beautifully and I loved how it turned out!  You can find the Gazebo file HERE.

For the tiling on the roof, I used wood grain paper and then inked all the edges.  It turned out great and even looks pretty real!

The pictures in each of the windows are black & white printed on vellum.  I attached the pictures to heavy duty clear acetate and then attached to each one of the walls.  This allows you to see still inside the gazebo, keeping it open and also gives the sides more sturdiness and strength.  

When a battery operated tea light is placed inside, the light shines through the vellum pictures and looks amazing!

The western themed embellishments are just stickers placed around and I added a few simple white bows to give it a bit of a girly touch.

Congrats to the happy couple!


  1. Amazing project - love how you added the photos and the details are perfect

  2. wowx1000!!!! Kristin, this is absolutely stunning!!!

  3. This is awesome Kristin, the roof is totally amazing, what a fantastic project!!

  4. Great details. Love the concept. Thanks for the inspiration.

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