Friday, July 8, 2011

Always Kiss Me Goodnight 3D Letters

Sooo, on my second try doing the 3D letters, it went a little smoother, ESPECIALLY after watching the video!  I encourage you to watch the video, several times, when you buy this kit and make these 3D Letters SVG Kit from SVGCuts, it really helps!  I also really wanted to decorate and embellish these ones!  I used hot glue to assemble and it worked so much better for me. You just have to be confident, precise and fast using the hot glue!  I did put beans in these and it really makes them nice and sturdy & stable.

I saw this sentiment in a store on a picture and really liked it.  My mom has always told me to never go to bed mad.  So this sits in my bedroom and is usually one of the last things my hubby and I see before we turn out the lights.   I thought it would be a pretty, whimsical decoration for our bedroom and a nice reminder!  Here is what I came up with.


 The butterflies are from the Sunny Weekend Purses SVG Kit from SVGCuts.

 The flower's are from Amelie's Accessories SVG Kit.     I used a large brad to attach all the flower pieces together and then glued a button on top.

 The lettering is from SVGCuts from the Handwritten Alphabet SVG Collection.
I just welded the letters together in SCAL.

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