Sunday, July 24, 2011

Paper Lanterns

I am hesitant to share these for several different reasons...LOL...I literally made 4 of these lanterns, 2 hours before our 4th of July party, so I spent not a lot of time on them and they are not as "pretty" or detailed as I would normally make my projects.  I really wanted to take them to the BBQ we were attending, I thought they would look nice outdoors when it got dark, so at the last minute I began making them.  Well, they never made it outside....and I just took some quick pictures that evening, and they are still sitting in the box in my garage.  But, I wanted to post them anyways because I like to share what I make.  So excuse the pics...they are not good either!!

The file for the lanterns are from MyGrafico and I think they are so cute...I made mine as tall as possible, about 11" or so.  I used some pre-made elements (stickers from Michaels) that I happened to have laying around already.  

I used files from called Cheryl's Cute BugsSVG Kit, Made In the USA, & Beach Bum Collection Part III.  Then I put a battery operated "candle" inside to light them up and it was kinda cool because it changed colors.


  1. Your paper lanterns are soooo pretty

  2. Some times simple can be the best. These are so cute and I hope they don't stay in your garage for long....haha