Monday, July 25, 2011

Western Horse Step Card

I finally got around to making a step card!  No reason for waiting, just haven't gotten around to it. I love these and see lots more steps cards in my future! I made this for my aunt's birthday.  She lives on a ranch and loves her horses!

I actually used quite a few files for this.  It was fun to pull from lots of different collections and I also used several freebies (we are so lucky to have such awesome freebies given to us!)  Here is what I used, and they are, of course, from SVGCuts!
Cowboy Boot Freebie
Good Morning Elements freebie (I think this is hopefully you already have this)
Running Horses freebie
Scalloped Edge freebie (retired too, but easily found in other collections)
Jonathan's Bears SVG Collection (lasso)
Edisto Island Cards SVG Kit
September Scenes Stand Up Cards


  1. What a super super cute card! Great details and love all the cuts. TFS!

  2. How stinkin adorable is that....

  3. Wow!! Great job!
    what cutter are you using?

  4. great card I love it.,

  5. Thanks everyone! Peaces....I am using a Cricut Expression. Do the cuts look good or bad to you? The paper (AC Cardstock) makes a HUGE difference in how it cuts.

  6. This is such a great card!! Love it!

  7. This is adorable!! what an awesome idea!!


  8. Wonderful creation!!! My daughter rides English and this gets my creative juices flowing toward how to adapt it for English riding...TFS!!!

  9. So Freaking Cute! I'm going to highlight your work on my FB Page! Awesome Job! TheCoCoMartha

  10. meredemaison....thanks! I'd love to see what you create!!!

  11. O MY gosh I M going to have to check into this one My Little niece is taking riding lssons this would be perfect.. WOWEEEEE!!!