Friday, September 2, 2011

Paper Lanterns (Burning Man)

So here is the other project I made for my family to take to Burning Man (see previous post). (sorry in advance for the bad pics, I was rushing to get them out the door)  ;(

These lanterns are from the Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit from SVGCuts.  These are such beautiful lanterns...really the best ones out there in my opinion.  Mary (the designer) takes the time to make her svg's so easy to put together and and they cut out so beautifully~they are flawless!

I added my (converted-to-svg) Burning Man logo and glued it to the sides.  I didn't do too much else to them, I wanted them to be kinda plain so the focus would be the logo.  These will be so cool at night with the lights inside that flicker and change colors! It is kinda cool to think these will be seen by thousands!